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First Aid & Fire Safety

First Aid & Fire Safety products are essential on any site or project. Most minor cuts and scratches can usually be dealt with there and then using the various products that are contained in the first aid kits. Eye wash solution or an eye wash station is also important as eyes can easily be effected by dust and debris that are present on most jobs. Fire Safety products are also very important. Fire Extinguishers should be made available as well as warning products to alert people to any emergencies that could occur. Fire Extinguisher Type Guide: WATER For use on wood, paper, textiles etc. NOT for use on flammable liquids or live electrical equipment. DRY POWDER For use on Wood, paper, textiles etc, Flammable liquids, Live electrical equipment. FOAM For use on wood, paper, textiles etc, Flammable liquids. NOT for use on live electrical equipment. CO2 For use on flammable liquids & live electrical equipment. NOT to be used in confined spaces.

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